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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Please be assured that your items will ship out within 6-10 working days of order (when in stock). We deliver free Melbourne metro or to your Melbourne carrier:

Online Sales and the use of LaForma images and logos on the Internet

The objective of this agreement is to regulate the online marketing of the products included in LaForma's collection and the use of images and logo’s. Maintaining LaForma’s marketing strategies and preserving the brand’s image on the Internet

The customer agrees that:

a)  The customer will market online, only items which they physically stock or as approved in writing by LaForma Australia.

b)  The customer will use approved photography & Logos only, as supplied by LaForma Australia.

c)  The customer must not advertise LaForma products on EBay or ‘marketplace’ websites under any circumstances.

d)  To be listed on our "Find a Retailer" page the customer must have a showroom or retail space, the customer must also display LaForma product on the floor. The customer can be removed form the listing at any stage should LaForma deem them un-suitable for the listing.

e)  The customer can advertise only stock items on their official Company website URL’s as agreed by LaForma Australia.

f)  The customer commits to keeping their website up to date. Discontinued products must be removed.

g)  The customer commits not to mislead the public through advertising, in terms of price or sales conditions, which may affect the LaForma brand’s good image.

h)  The use of brand names, images and names of products, and the reproduction of product images, business support documents and all information pertaining to LaForma is subject to explicit permission by LaForma Australia.

i)  Commitment to carry out actions necessary to safeguard the LaForma brand image. This includes offering a proper service on the customer portal and any other actions needed to maintain brand’s good image on the Internet.

j)  The customer understands that a breach of these terms can result in LaForma Australia ceasing to supply and terminating the authorization for the use of images and brand logos of the brand LaForma. It also allows LaForma Australia to seek appropriate proceedings for damages suffered and to require the cessation, correction, removal, compensation and other actions required by the ACCC and other adjacent legislation, a nd where appropriate, to prosecute the improper conduct or offences that entail the breach.

k)  Should the relationship between parties be terminated the customer agrees to return all product information, catalogues, logos and images to LaForma Australia and remove any reference to products or the brand from their websites immediately.

Trading Terms:

Payment in full is due: 21 days from date of invoice ONLY if the customer has an approved credit account.

Title & risk
The customer and LaForma Australia (LF) agree that:

a)  Title in the goods remains with LF until LF has been paid in full for the goods under all individual invoices for the supply of the goods between LF and the customer;

b)  If the customer fails to pay for any goods within 21 days of invoice, LF may enter the Customer’s premises (or the premises of any associated company or agent where the goods are located) without liability for trespass or any resulting damage and retake possession of the goods and the customer irrevocably authorises LF to enter any such premisses for this purpose;

c)  That LF may keep or resell any goods repossessed pursuant to the above;

d)  The risk of the goods shall pass to the customer on delivery;

e)  The customer must insure the goods for their full insurable or replacement value (whichever is the higher) while title to the goods remains with LF;

f)  These conditions apply to all goods supplied on credit by LF to the customer.

g)  Approval of credit terms will be reviewed and established after pro forma payment of initial order .

Not withstanding the provisions above LF shall be entitled to maintain an action against the customer for the purchase price.

Printed Catalogues:

Whilst we endeavour to ensure our catalogues are accurate at the time of printing errors can occur, our online on our portal www.laforma.com.au should be referred to in all instances for accuracy and the most up to date product information.

Purchase Orders:

All purchase orders are to be done online on our portal www.laforma.com.au.

Payment by Credit Card:

We accept Visa and Mastercard, you can choose to pay by credit card when you make your order online.


Check the goods before signing the transport document for goods receipt. We do not accept claims for goods which have been signed off as received properly and which are not communicated to LaForma Australia within 24 hours upon receipt.

Any service claims must be submitted through our service module in our secure portal. Please make sure you attach accompanying photos.

Product returns must be authorized by LaForma Australia by means of our ‘Return Authority’.

Product returns will not be admitted for error in your order or cancellation, manipulated and/or without their original and sealed packaging.  

If a return is approved a 15% restocking fee will be applicable.  


In accordance with Australian consumer law LaForma products come with guarantees that can not be excluded under Australian Consumer law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonable forseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. The products distributed by LaForma Australia have a warranty of 2 years for production defects. Exempt from this warranty are products with defects caused by poor assembling, inappropriate use, wearing or aging of the product, changes in colours/materials in line with natural use of the product and/or maintenance different from the one prescribed by the manufacturer.


We at LaForma Australia consider offering a proper after Sales Service one of our core activities. In order to offer a quick and efficient after sales service we have developed a very simple system on our web portal, where you can send us your requests. All you have to do is go to www.laforma.com.au click on the chapter “Service Claim” complete the online form and upload a photo if applicable.

Wooden Furniture

Wood is a natural product with pores that absorb moisture from humidity and environmental factors which at times can result in changes in colour & design. In return it results in unique pieces of furniture. Irregular absorbtion of light can leave permanent stains and marks on the product. It is reccomended not to place any object on its surface during the first weeks of use. Variations in surface, colour tones, and knots in the wood are characteristics of wood and therefore not to be considered a reason to claim.


Cleaning must be done with a damp cloth, without the use of any chemical dissolvent and must be finished with a dry cloth. in case of contact with moisture or spills clean immediately to avoid damage.


Due to the fashion trends and demands of the market, products featured in the printed LaForma Australia catalogue may vary and change between catalogue print runs. Please check LaForma website (www.laforma.com.au ) to confirm product pricing before confirming your customer orders. 

Whilst we endeavour to show accurate stock levels at the time you purchase please be aware stock is not confirmed as available until you receive your invoice. 

LaForma Australia can't be held responsible for variations in stock levels or stated order ETA's, these can change suddenly and without notice and are often completely beyond our control. 

Minimum order

Minimum order value of $250.00 applies to all orders, and in certain circumstances a minimum of 2 cubic meters also apply.

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